Black sesame oil_250ml_Datfoods-1Black sesame oil_500ml_DatfoodsBlack sesame oil_2l_Datfoodsblack sesame oilsesame oil with saladsesame oil with saladsesame oil with saladBlack Sesame Oil 250ml
  • Black sesame oil_250ml_Datfoods-1
  • Black sesame oil_500ml_Datfoods
  • Black sesame oil_2l_Datfoods
  • black sesame oil
  • sesame oil with salad
  • sesame oil with salad
  • sesame oil with salad
  • Black Sesame Oil 250ml

Black Sesame Oil

80.000 VND450.000 VND

  • Black Sesame Oil
  • Chemical Free Raw Material
  • No Additives, No Preservatives
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Đạt Sesame Oil is sourced from non-chemical sesame from our farmers in Nghe An, without any preservatives and additives. Đạt Sesame Oil is guaranteed to be a completely natural, non-chemical product.

The oil pressing process always ensures under strictly temperature controlling, preventing the oil from chemical and physical changes, keeping the maximum nutritional content and ensuring microbiological safety. Sesame seeds are peeled and no residue is added to maximize the amount of oil to ensure that the oil does not get malnourished.


  • Prevent anemia
  • Take care the dental health by gargling with sesame oil
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Prevent constipation and laxative
  • Enhance heart health and brain (especially good for children)
  • Get rid of asthma
  • Skin beauty: anti-aging, moisturizing, protecting against sunlight, repairing inflammatory acne
  • Get rid of dandruff and scalp itching

Usage: cooking, marinating, salad, skincare, haircare...

Shelf life: 12 months. Using best within 3 months after opening.

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